I have been inspired to try my hand at this beautiful art form. I’ve always been interested in calligraphy and I’ve always loved pens, markers, crayons, paper – pretty much anything to do with writing/coloring. I bought a few books over the past year, but none of them really took me where I needed to go. Since then, I have discovered Kelly Creates (www.kellycreates.ca). Her way of presenting and teaching has me hooked. I convinced my dear hubby to go ahead and purchase and, more importantly, give me the supplies for my birthday (which isn’t until February). I got a great deal at my local JoAnn store on the items pictured and I started right away. I’ll also post a picture of my first daily challenge. I have a long way to go, but I’m excited about this new hobby.

My first word of the day 01/01/2019

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